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Towards Electric Vehicle with Fully Green Battery Technology

Building a greener world through the latest innovation breakthrough. We believe it and lets commit together!

UMORIE Advanced Battery Technology

About Us

Established in 9th April 2020 UMORIE Graphene Technologies Sdn Bhd is a deep tech startup company and startup EV. It took 2 years for company to undertake market intelligence to study on the development of the graphene nanotechnology, EV and the trends. UMORIE® is a wholly owned, homegrown Malaysia brand that you can trust and rely on.

be the pioneer

UMORIE® aspires to be the pioneer in Malaysia in manufacturing Li-ion battery using Graphene nanotechnology. UMORIE® highly believes that this project will be a success. UMORIE® aspires to bring a big positive impact to the industry and the nation.

UMORIE® is progressive

UMORIE® is on the move. UMORIE® is progressive. UMORIE® is embarking on our next great product: Super Battery. This new product uses Graphene nanotechnology. Its potentials include applications for Electric Vehicles (EV), drones, mobile phones as well as the military industry.

advanced battery pilot plant

UMORIE® is on a journey to setup a Graphene battery pilot plant, that will contribute to the manufacturing of high-speed electric motorcycles with fast charging technology. We aspire to convert Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) motorcycles into 100% EV to fulfill the market demand.

Why We Need Fully Green Battery?

"An increase in renewable energy means an increase in the need for batteries to power electric cars and store energy from solar panels and wind turbines. However, batteries it selves are made from unsustainably and unethically sourced metals,"
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We Have The Solution

Here why you should care and support us, and how we can contribute together.

National Agenda


Recent news of Budget 2022 shows the government is proposing EVs to be completely exempt from import duty, excise duty and sales tax, plus income tax relief.

reduce air pollution


Our local university experts show that 78% of CO2 emission into our air produce by our transportation system. Conversion of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle into 100% EV is our approach and should be supported.

Talent Development


Through the focus on advanced battery technology and the setup of battery pilot plant, we hope to able to develop our local talents and serve the nation. The race of battery technology are just begin and we can not afford to lose behind!

The EV

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Why UMORIE® EV As The Preferred Choice?

UMORIE Advanced Lithium Ion Battery (Pouch Cell 4.3 kWh)

High Torque Drive Pulley

Mid Drive Motor System (Max Power 4.0 kW, 100 Nm)

Digital Meter

Riding Mode Selector

Your Benefits  >>

Rapid Charging

Full charge in as fast as 4 hours. Save your time, plan better for your ride.

No Petrol Cost

Imagine this; Grab Rider have to pay RM10 for a day routine, now no more. Just RM1.20 per charge, for a day ride!

130+ KM Peak Range

KLCC Kuala Lumpur to Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. Full roundtrip, its more than enough for your routine, right?

Common Charger Type 

Umorie EV use Type 2 charging cable which been use the most at charging stations around; petrol stations, shopping malls etc.

132KM/H Top Speed

No clutch. 3 Riding modes, plus sport mode. Riding should be fun!

Low-to-No Maintenance

Very minimal maintenance. Surely less concern on the maintenance cost.

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